Adding a Letterhead or Logo to a Document Template


Inserting a Logo/Letterhead into the Document

You can insert a logo/letterhead into each document. There is no quick way to insert a letterhead in to all your documents at once. They have to be inserted one at a time.

HINT You may need to change the margin settings on this page to allow for your letterhead to sit in the correct place. Click on Page Layout, then margins under Page set up

  • Once you have set the margins.
  • Click on Header
  • Click on Edit Header
  • Now you can drag & drop from the file location into the palace document
  • To get out, Double click anywhere in the document.
  • Your letterhead will now show in the document, 
  • If you want to also put a footer in, now click on Footer and drag and drop then close out
  • Save and close out. (or start typing your letter)

NOTE:  If you do not have a letterhead for your Palace documents, email your logo and company details to us and one will be made for you.


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