Add a letterhead or logo to a document template


You can insert a logo/letterhead into each document. There is no option to insert a letterhead into all your documents at once. They have to be inserted one at a time.

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You can access the Document Template area by clicking on System > Document templates.

You may need to change the margin settings on this page to allow for your letterhead to sit in the correct place. Inside the document you are editing, click on the Page Layout menu and Margins under Page Setup.
  • Once you have set the margins.

(If the page setup area is not editable you could check your browser and/or printer settings)

Use the Header and Footer options

  • Go to system > Document templates
  • Find the document you want to edit
  • Click the drop-down option next to the Edit button on the right-hand side of the document
  • Click Edit Document
  • Click on the Insert menu and then Header > Edit Header
  • Now you can drag & drop from the file location into the palace document.
  • To get out of editing the header, double-click anywhere in the document.
  • Your letterhead will now show in the document.
  • If you want to add a Footer, click on Footer > Edit Footer and drag and drop.
  • Once done, click the Save & close button. (Or start typing your letter)


Drag and drop your image

Another option if the above does not show correctly when merging your document in an email is to not use the letterhead option and simply drag and drop your letterhead into the document.

If you have text at the very top of your document you can click before the first character and press enter on your keyboard several times to drop the text and then drag and drop your letterhead.


If you do not have a letterhead for your Palace documents but you do have a logo, you can email your logo (JPG or PDF), company details and a description of what you would like to use and one will be made for you.

What's next

Once you've done this task, you may like to add a company letterhead to your Palace database and add an email signature

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