24th May, 2019

In this weeks release, we have some exciting changes made to our emails, re-introduced the ability to create charges in the receipt tenancy multiple screens and fixed some reporting issues for our tenants and properties.

Emails - Improved Spam Results: One of the biggest issues with emails, is having them received successfully by your recipient. The issue has always been that emails are picked up as spam, despite not actually being spam or containing spam-like content. We've made some major improvements on our end to ensure that Palace sent emails now have a higher chance of being received by your recipient. With this update, we've also added a few additional fields to use in the work order email template which allows for a more custom email to be sent out to your suppliers.

These new fields include the below:

  • Description
  • Job Number
  • Property Address
  • Status
  • Supplier Name
  • Tenant Group Name

Property - Post Code: Our next feature is a smaller one that makes a big impact. In your property edit screen, you now have an easy 'look up' option to find and fill in the postcode section within the property screen automatically. As long as you have the below fields filled out the system will attempt to find your postcode for you (The more you have filled out the better for the function)

Unit/Street Number, Street Name, Suburb & City

Check out the below video for a quick preview on how this looks and work:


NOTE: Our post code feature only looks at postal addresses. If you find yourself clicking the 'Look up' button and nothing happens, you will need to manually enter the post code and will most likely find that the address is not a postal address. Use this link to find your postcode if you're unsure.

Client Portal - Bulk Activate / Disabling: Whether your activating or disabling client portal logins, you will now receive the below pop-up message followed by an email in your inbox to confirm the action has been completed.


Performance - Keys System & Invoice Attachments: We've noted some performance issues with the system when checking keys in and out and attaching files to your invoice transactions. We've made some improvements to both areas which should result in a faster and smoother experience for users.

Transactions - Receipt Tenancy Multiple: We now have the option to create your admin & letting fee charges via the receipt tenancy multiple screen. This feature works the same way it did in the past, click HERE if you want to revisit our help manual.

Tenancy - Rent Calculations: We've some recent issues with the rent calculations in certain circumstances where the paid to date would not be 100% correct. A fix has been implemented to fix these issues and your tenant paid to dates should continue to read correctly as expected.

Tenancy - $0.00 Rent Rate: In addition to the above fix, we've also removed the ability to have your tenancy start with a $0.00 rent rate as this should not be permitted and can cause issues with calculating arrears, etc.

Tenancy - Vacate Dates: When a tenant cancels on you before they're even set to start, you need to add a vacate date before being able to 'archive' them. The trouble with this was that they would then show as if they owed rent despite the tenancy not actually starting. Well now, you have the ability to have the vacate date set up to be the day 'before' the start date which will allow you to archive the tenant and avoid them showing as if they owe rent.

Reports - Properties Won & Lost: We've discovered some issues where our won & lost report is reading incorrect data. We've been able to successfully identify the issue and have implemented a fix to ensure all reports moving forward will read as expected.

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