17th May, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

Here are the details from our latest update.  
In this branch release, we have 7 bugs and 3 features updated.

Update To Existing Features

Transactions - Bank Accounts: In our first updated feature, we've added a bit more freedom for your online file generation when it comes to your bank accounts. For your owners with multiple bank accounts -  if a payment is linked to the wrong bank account or if you need to switch the account that payment is linked to, you can now do this via the online file area.

New Owner or Supplier and forgot to add their bank account at the time of the setup? Easy-fix, you can also add a new bank account within the online file area as well. This will not only save for your online file but will also save as an available bank account for the future. This option comes in particularly handy for those tenant refunds that don't have a bank account number added at the time -

NOTE: The idea behind this design is to provide the option to temporarily change the bank account info for a given online file. Because of this, you will still need to make manual adjustments to the properties involved if you wish these changes to be made permanent i.e link properties to a newly added bank account -or- permanently change the bank account linked to a property if more than one.

Check out the below video for a quick preview on how this looks and work:



Merge Field - Multiple Rent: We've updated a few of our merge fields for our tenants to cover some of the rent increase fields (past & future). Below is a list of the fields that have been added/updated. All our fields are available to be used for Custom Views and Document Templates.
NOTE: All fields below read from the tenancy edit screen

  • Tenant Group Latest Rent Increase Amount - The last rent increase or initial rent amount if no historic rent increase exists
  • Tenant Group Latest Rent Increase Date - The last rent increase date or initial start date if no historic rent increase exists
  • Tenant Group Planned Rent Change Amount - The new amount in a rent change for a future date.
  • Tenant Group Planned Rent Change Date - The date in which a rent change will kick in for a future date.
  • Tenant Group Rent Review Date - Feeds from your rent review area within the tenant edit screen.


Bank Recon - Batch Selection Drop-down: The system will now retain the last setting you had in place for this drop-down menu. This is a setting that is configured by each user login, which means the last saved setting on your login will not affect someone else's login.


Reports - Property Key Check-Out Report: When checking out keys and downloading the checkout report, this will now contain the property full Unit & Street details for the property address.

Merge Field - Move In Amount: With the recent update to accommodate the letting fee changes, there were some minor areas that were still coded to pick up data based on the original tenant let fee details. One of these areas was the Move-In cost merge field where it was still picking up the tenants total move in cost is included with the bond and rent required. This has been updated and will now calculate accurately as expected, where the move in cost will no longer take the letting fees into consideration IF you have changed your settings to charge the owners the letting fee.

Transactions - Tenancy Payment Details: Whether you use Direct Debits, Bank Imports or both - Any changes made to your tenancy payment details will remain until the system is told otherwise. You can expect changes made to this area, only if you opt to Update the AP details when processing your bank import and where you would make changes to the below screen -or- if manual changes are applied to this area via the tenancy edit screen.

Reports - Tenant Overdue Rent: This report will now be filtered by the Primary Agent 1 under a property, meaning you should only see properties on this report where you are set up as the primary 1 agent under the 'Options' tab on your property edit screen.

Transactions - Rapid Entry: When using our rapid entry feature to enter transactions, we noted that the amount field would not 'update' as you changed your entry i.e When entering inspection fees the $ amount would remain the same even if your next property has a different amount set up in their property screen.

Report - Owner Year-End Summary: We've applied some required fixes to our Year End reports, where you will now be able to successfully generate a Summary and/or a Combined report run.

Tenancy Debtor Toggle: We have removed this toggle from your tenant edit screen (previously found under the options tab). We aim to begin work on the tenancy debtor feature, which is designed to have any 'debtor' tenants removed from your 'current list' and moved into their own view - More details on this release in the near future.

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