8th May, 2019 (Hotfix)

We encountered a few issues from our update last night related to the below transaction types - Receipt Tenancy Invoice & Refund Tenancy Invoice.

We learnt that when using the above-mentioned transaction types, the funds would be applied to the owner ledger and not the designated ledger as selected on the screen prior to processing eg. Apply to a Bond or Fee Ledger.

We have identified the problem and are happy to advise that this has been fixed and will work as expected.

Here are the details from the original feature:

Transactions - Receipt Tenancy Invoice/Apply To A Fee Ledger: In one of our recent updates we released the ability to receipt tenant amounts and have them applied to a fee ledger without an existing invoice. The awesome part about this release was that the system would create an invoice for you if you did not have one already set up in the system for this receipt. In addition to this feature update, you will now be able to process these receipt types using the bank import screen as well. Click here for more info on this process if you haven't checked it out already!




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