Version 6.28

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:

Update To Existing Features

Change Agent All: We have made adjustments to this feature to allow you to successfully perform a change agent all in the event that one of the properties being moved to another agent, contains more than one agent type against the property eg. Primary Agent 1, Primary Agent 2 & Letting Fee agents.

Merge Field - Move In Amount: With the recent update to accommodate the letting fee changes, there were some minor areas that were still coded to pick up data based on the original tenant let fee details. One of these areas was the Move-In cost merge field where it was still picking up the tenants total move in cost is included with the bond and rent required. This has been updated and will now calculate accurately as expected, where the move in cost will no longer take the letting fees into consideration IF you have changed your settings to charge the owners the letting fee.

Merge Fields - Property Letting Fee Fields: We had added the below merge fields to the system for you all to use in your custom views or document templates:

  • Property Letting Fee required
  • Tenant Group Letting Fee Required (Property)
  • Tenant Group Letting Fee Paid (Property)

Reports - Tenant Movement: With the change of how the letting fees are handled, we have updated the tenant movement report so that it no longer shows the tenant owing a letting fee if your system has been changed over to charge this fee to the owner/property.

Reports - Owner Letting Fee: We have added the 'agent split' option for the new 'owner letting fee' ledger report. This will showcase how much was brought into the ledger for the month, along with the agent split for the fee if applicable.

Reports - Bank Recon - Presented Items: We found an issue with our presented items report, where Palace would cut off the last column when printing. This has been updated and fixed and will continue to print showing ALL columns.

Reports - Change Log: You will now be able to track when the Agent Property Commission has been added, deleted or edited via the changelogs. You will also see any changes made to the Letting Fee, Management Fee %, Maintenance Fee % & Inspection Fee.

Reminders - Rent Increases: When you have a rent increase in place and you receive the reminder to 'process' via the home screen, you will now see the property address and the tenants current paid to date.

Document Flow - Alerts: Where an alert is in place against a property, you will now see this alert as soon as you click on the property via document flow. This allows you to see any important alerts before you go ahead and match/process any invoices via the document flow screen.

Reports - Unpaid Invoices: When generating your unpaid invoices report, you will now see the new options (All - Ungrouped) & (All - Grouped) for your agent filter.



Merge Field - Custom Fields: We encountered issues with custom fields where info may drop-off when used within a custom view. We have identified the issue and applied the required fix to have this work as expected.

Bank File Generation - ANZ: If you have your Trust Account with ANZ, you may have found that the 'Other Party Code' field for an owner/tenant or creditors payments would not feed through to their bank statement when paid. We found that when Palace would generate the online file for these payments, that the Other Party Code could come through as blank even when filled out. We have successfully identified the issue behind this and implemented a fix to ensure all manually entered references will feed through to the online file.


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