6th May, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

Here are the details from our latest update.  
In this branch release, we will see items that we released earlier but subsequently pulled due to some issues we discovered. We have since applied the required fixes and are happy to advise that we have 3 bugs fixed and 4 existing features receive some minor updates to make life a bit easier.

Update To Existing Features

Transactions - Receipt Tenancy Invoice/Apply To A Fee Ledger: In one of our recent updates we released the ability to receipt tenant amounts and have them applied to a fee ledger without an existing invoice. The awesome part about this release was that the system would create an invoice for you if you did not have one already set up in the system for this receipt. In addition to this feature update, you will now be able to process these receipt types using the bank import screen as well. Click here for more info on this process if you haven't checked it out already!

System Settings - Uncleared Funds: If you use our 'uncleared funds' setting to 'hold' funds for X amount of days before being made available for payouts, invoices etc. Great news! We've updated this to work even better.

Any funds that are brought in using the transaction types: 'Receipt Rent, Receipt Owner or Receipt Tenancy Invoice (Applied to the owner)' will now be 'held' as 'uncleared funds' for X amount of days and will prevent you from processing the following transaction types until cleared:
Payment Owner (Single Generation), Invoice Supplier, Charge Admin Fee, Charge Owner Letting Fee & Charge Inspection Fee.

Once your funds are 'cleared' you will be able to proceed with processing any of the above-mentioned transaction types.

NOTE: This only applies to those that use either Strict Audit Yes (Owners) or Yes (Properties).
All receipt types must be processed as Chq, Direct or Direct Debit for this to work.

Merge Fields - Property Next Inspection Date/Day: We have added two new merge fields that can be used in your property type document templates and property custom views. These merge fields will work the same way as the existing tenant versions do, where they work off the inspection charge date set up in the property diary (or property inspections screen).

Merge Fields - Property Custom Fields: We have updated ALL 'property custom fields' so that they can now be used in your tenant document templates and tenancy custom views.

Emails: We've noticed some issues with users replying back to Palace sent emails that do not make it back to your inbox. In these scenario's emails would be sent to our 'sending' address ''messaging-service@post.getpalace.com'' which is not a physical inbox and results in emails going astray.

To remedy this, we have updated our sending address to show as 'messaging-service@getpalace.com' and in the event that someone accidentally sends an email to this address, they will now receive this bounced response to let them know that they have emailed the wrong address and to send their email again:



Receipt Tenant Invoice - Apply To Filters to match the original invoice set up: When creating a tenant invoice, you will select whether the funds are to be applied to the owner or to a fee ledger when receipted in. Now, the system will change the 'apply to' filter automatically to match up with how the original invoice was created. This will ensure that all receipts are applied to the correct accounts based on the invoice.

NOTE: This will only apply to one invoice per receipt. If you have more than one invoice that you are receipting too, we suggest that you use the rapid function and process two separate receipts in the event the two invoices have different 'apply-to' settings.


Bank Recon Trust Report - Sub Title 1: We noted an issue with the below area NOT saving if it was updated. Any changes you would make will save for when you generate the report, however, these changes would remove themselves as soon as you close out of this dialogue box. We have identified where the issue was and are happy to advise that this will function as expected moving forward.



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