25th March, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

Here are the details from our latest update.
In this branch release, we have 3 bugs fixed and a few existing features get some much-needed updates.

Update To Existing Features

Transactions - Payment Bond: We've made some changes to the payment bond screen, where all the bond amounts will now be sorted in ascending order (lowest to highest).

Integrations - Google Maps / API: Minor changes on our end have been made to the way the 'street maps' work to allow for a quicker loading screen when clicked on.

Transactions - Direct Debits: When generating your Direct Debits, you will note there are now 'processing' spinners displayed when you click on 'generate, process & save & close' when processing your Direct Debit entries. 

Transactions - Receipt Multi / Apply To A Fee Ledger: When using the transaction type 'Receipt Tenant multiple' you will now have the option to receipt funds against a fee ledger, where no current invoice exists for this receipt. The system will now 'create' an invoice for your receipt automatically which will allow you to process your transactions and mark the charge as 'fully paid' in one easy process.

NOTE: Whilst the invoice is created for you, it is a background process so you will not see it in your transaction screen waiting to be 'processed'.
Click HERE for a full breakdown of this processOptions.PNG


EOY - Statement Name: With EOY just around the corner, we've made changes to the description name of the EOY statements when they are generated and saved into the owner diaries. This minor change avoids any issues with the EOY statements being uploaded to your client portals.
Original Description Format = EOY Statement - Year End (Date)
Updated Description Format = Statement - Year End (Date) 

Email & SMS Validation: We've added some new email validation to our 'edit' screens. The system will now be looking at your email address entries to ensure that they have been entered into the system correctly i.e XXXX@XXXX.XXX

We'll also be checking the format for all mobile numbers to ensure that these are entered correctly as well. This will mitigate any potential issues with emails & SMS's failing to send due to the incorrect emails/numbers being set up.



Transactions - Pending Invoices/Charges: All pending charges & Invoices will show on the dashboard for their FULL amounts. This will show the pending charge amount inclusive of any fees & GST, which means that Palace will look for the full invoice/charge amount to be covered before it moves to the 'Chargeable' section when the property has enough funds.
NOTE: This will also affect the keep back where the 'kept back' amount will also include fees & GST where applicable.

Custom Views - JSON Error / Run Date Rule: We found issues with the 'run date' rule if it was run to show entries set to match your exact date, where you would receive a pop-up error that mentioned the keywords 'JSON Error.

The 'run date' is used to show entries to be filtered to the current date that the view is generated. This can be used to bring entries that match up with the current date or entries that equal less or more than the current date, depending on what your custom view is used for.

Dashboard - Work Order / OOPS Error: We found issues with a few work orders that were creating the OOPS errors. This has been fixed and will continue to function as expected.

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