14th March, 2019

Hi Everyone,
Here are the details from our latest update which sees 2 new exciting features and 6 bugs fixed.


Diary Shortcuts: We've made some changes to the edit screens for your owners, properties, tenants & suppliers. When you're in the edit screen, you will now have the ability to click any one of the below shortcut buttons to navigate to the designated area quickly.
NOTE: Each edit screen have different shortcut options i.e Owners have a 'bank accounts' shortcut button & the property edit screen has a 'work order' shortcut.

Help Center Widget: You will now see a new 'help widget' that links directly to our knowledgebase. Got a question about a certain process, or looking for our help file on how to handle certain areas within palace, type your keywords here and we'll bring up the article that applies the most to your search.


Accessing our knowledge base, you will also note that we have updated this area to make things easier to find.

Under Help - New Palace, you can expect to find a quick breakdown of each area along with the commonly asked questions. Whereas, under the PDF Help Files - New Palace, you can find a step by step of how to use a certain feature within Palace




Transactions - Reversals (Duplicated): When reversing transactions, you were able to duplicate reversals if you had clicked on 'Yes' more than once. This has been changed so that the 'Yes' button is now disabled to prevent any possible duplications.

Transactions - Document Work Flow (Tenant Credit): If you use the document flow to action your invoices, you have the ability to charge the tenant all in one go (if applicable). If you're using the tenant's 'bond ledger' credit to pay for these invoices, the system is now designed to check the balance of this ledger and will only use the available funds for the charge. If the charge is 'greater' than the ledger balance, the invoice will become partially paid and the tenant will just need to pay the leftover.

Reports - Property Flyer: With the changes made for the letting fee, our property flyer will now have the move-in cost calculate accurately based on the setting you have i.e Charge Let Fee to Tenant or Property.

Transactions - Rent Reversals: If you receipt rent in, but later on needed to reverse it due to a possible error with the receipt, the system would not allow this to go through (when using strict audit) if the owners balance was the exact amount given from the receipt (minus fees & GST). We found issues with how the system would calculate the reversal in terms of the GST and Fees. This has been updated and will allow you to reverse as expected moving forward.

Key System - Inspection App (Access Details): With the ability to see the key numbers on your app, we invertedly removed the access details from the app as well. This has been put back in place so now both key numbers and access details will show on your app as required.

Automatic Keep Backs -Overpaid rent: When a tenant has a vacate date and is paid up to date but continues to pay their rent, the system will now apply an automatic keep back as soon as the receipt is processed.


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