6th March, 2019

Hi Everyone,
Here are the details from our latest update which sees 4 quick bugs fixed and a couple of feature updates made to two of our existing reports.

Update To Existing Feature

Reports - Portfolio Summary: We've made some changes to our Portfolio Summary report just in time for the next EOM. Here are the details of what's been changed:

  • Total Gross Letting Fees Collected will now read as Total Gross Letting Fees Collected (Tenancy)
  • A new column has been added to show Total Gross Letting Fees Collected (Property)
  • Total Other Fees Collected will now only pick up all admin charges that have been processed, except any charges to 'Owner Letting Fee' ledger.
  • The number of Managed Properties will now read the number of 'active' properties as at the close off date. This will exclude any properties made active between the 'close off date' (selected EOM date) and the actual 'Current Date' (the date the EOM is run)
  • Properties Won/Loss Count will now be based on the data that has been entered as at close off.
  • Number of Properties Let will no longer have a tenant let fee transaction filter applied and will also record the data as at close off.
  • Completed Inspection Count By Agent will follow the same format as the above columns, where the data will now be recorded as at the close off date.
  • New column to show Charged Inspections Count By Agents has been added.
  • We've also added new group options as well to assist in generating this report, you can now report by Agent, and by Management Group.

Reports - Change Log: We've added in the ability to 'count' how many transactions are selected when re-generating remittances. This will also record the method selected for the remittances to be generated eg. Email, Paper or Email & Paper.



Owner Statements - Details B: When generating or even previewing this statement type, you may have noticed that the expense breakdown at the bottom of the statement was cut off. This has been fixed and you can now expect to see the full details of the expense as expected. If you need to re-generate your Feb '19 statements, contact our support team to assist you with this process.

Dashboard Charges/Invoices - Duplicated: Processing bulk transactions via the dashboard can result in the screen hanging for a bit whilst the system goes through and processes each transaction data. The trouble with this is that the screen would not look like it's actually doing anything and can prompt the user to click on 'process' again. This, unfortunately, would result in duplicated transactions once the process was complete. To remedy this, the process button will now 'disable' after the first click until the process is complete before the system re-enables it again.

Key System - Inspection App: In one of our recent updates, we mentioned that the key numbers would display correctly on the app. Due to things being close to EOM last week, these changes were held off for this update instead. Once keys are 'checked out', you will now be able to 'upload' these properties to your app and the checked key numbers will now display under each property. This change applies to both iOS & Android platforms and will NOT require any changes to be made on the app.
NOTE: As a part of this change, we have noted that the 'access details' are now missing. You will be pleased to hear that this will be reinstated as a part of our update next week.

Bulk Mail Merge - Print: The recent changes made to our mail merge process, where you can use the print option for a bulk merges again resulted in a few Document Templates failing to 'merge' the data when used for a print merge. We have made some system changes that fixes this issue, meaning all document templates will correctly merge as expected.



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