26th February, 2019 (Hotfix)

Hi Everyone,

After deploying our update on Thursday night, we came across a couple of issues that were a result of the below feature releases. Our new validation for bank accounts prevented users from adding in a new bank account numbers for tenants, whilst the key numbers did not successfully display on the app.

''Inspection App - Key Numbers: If you use our key system, you'll be pleased to hear that our app will now pick up the key numbers when they're checked out. This will be available on all versions of our app (Both iOS & Android). In order to have this work, you should be checking the keys out as you would normally, then you would 'upload' the properties from Palace (desktop) so that you can pick them up on the app. Once you 'sync' your device to pick up the newly transferred data, you should be able to see the key number as well as the access details against the property.

Transactions - Online File: When generating an online file for your payments, you can now expect to see the below pop-up warning to show if any of your customers do not have a bank account number set in place''


Tenancy Bank Accounts - New: This has been updated and you will be able to add bank accounts again as needed., whilst the key numbers did not successfully display on the app.

Inspection App - Key Numbers: Our key numbers will display on your apps as expected in the next week. There are a few areas affected in this change and we will enable it once we can confirm it is working as we expect it to.

Strict Audit - Overdrawn Properties: We found an issue where properties were overdrawn despite the system having strict audit set to YES - PROPERTIES. Looking closer at this, we found that if a property had a pending invoice, the next invoice entered was allowed to be pushed through, resulting in the property balance sitting in a negative balance. This was included in the lastnights hotfix and Strict Audit will continue to work as expected.

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