21st February, 2019

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:


Inspection App - Key Numbers: If you use our key system, you'll be pleased to hear that our app will now pick up the key numbers when they're checked out. This will be available on all versions of our app (Both iOS & Android). In order to have this work, you should be checking the keys out as you would normally, then you would 'upload' the properties from Palace (desktop) so that you can pick them up on the app. Once you 'sync' your device to pick up the newly transferred data, you should be able to see the key number as well as the access details against the property.

Transactions - Online File: When generating an online file for your payments, you can now expect to see the below pop-up warning to show if any of your customers do not have a bank account number set in place.


Reports - Change Log: We've added more logging to our change logs so that even more is recorded throughout the system. Additions include: New property added, Trade me upload/withdrawn failed, Property agents ‘Type’/’Commission’ change, Advanced key check-in success/fail, Publish agent change etc.



Reports - Multiple: We have noted some changes that were made in the previous version of Palace (Palace Live) that had not been carried across to Liquid. These have now been updated and will generate as below:

Average Weekly Rent/History: This will now show values and no graph.

Property Fee Report: We've added a subtotal at the bottom of each category telling you the average management fee and the average maintenance fee

Inspection Completed Report: This report displays all 'Active' properties with an 'unprocessed inspection' (upcoming inspection) and 'previous inspection' completed within the 'selected date range'

Supplier Remittances - Duplicated: When generating your supplier payments, your suppliers would receive a copy of their remittances at the time of the process if they were set to email. You have the ability to re-generate these remittances and print them from your transaction history screen if you wanted to. The only problem was, the system was emailing them back out to the suppliers instead of printing them. We have identified what was causing this issue and have applied a fix to ensure the feature works as expected.

Property - History Reason: We found an issue with the system not correctly picking up the active/inactive reasons and subsequently saving them incorrectly. After some further research, we have found where the issue was and this update allows you to not only pick up and save the correct 'reason' but also the power to change the reason in the event you select the wrong one by accident.

Reports - Management Fee History: We discovered an issue where this report was not generating the correct data in terms of fees that were earned on ''receipt Tenancy Invoice' transactions. This has been updated and will now show accurate info.

Transactions - Negative Ledger: In the event that you find yourself with a negative ledger, let's say an advertising ledger. Palace would prevent you from processing charges linked to this negative ledger, despite funds going into the ledger once the charges were processed. This did not work the way we designed it as the system should recognize that funds are coming back in and allow you to process as many charges as you can.

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