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We have been informed by support, that files transferred through to them via 3rd party software (such as Palace) are now processed immediately upon receiving the file (i.e. this process is no longer scheduled). However, further to this, no files will be processed within the same 6 hour period from the same company. 

For Palace Server and Palace Live users this means if subsequent files are uploaded within 6 hours of the previous file, they will be ignored by 

Place Liquid clients will not be affected by this as all data is transferred on an ongoing 2-hour cycle.

How does this work? 
When you successfully perform an 'Internet Transfer' within Palace, you are sending a file up to the sites that you advertise to. These files contain the property data that you wish to advertise i.e property address, images & advert text etc. In this scenario, we focus on, where they receive our file and would normally process the most recent file sent to them based on a set schedule. This would result in your listing showing up online and updated on realestate at 12 pm and again at 12 am.

Now, they're picking up and processing the file immediately as they receive them which is great. However, it is only the first file received every 6hrs that is processed. eg. If you perform an internet transfer at 9 am, this is the file that will be picked up and sent online. If you make changes/updates to your properties, the next transfer to successfully update online will have to be done 6 hrs AFTER 9 am, otherwise realestate will ignore it.

Here are the details directly from

"Now, we process as the file comes in - but only every 6 hours. This is a bug on our end. So if the office sends a file to us now, we will process it. If they send another file within the next 6 hours, that file will be ignored. The only workaround we have at the moment is to ensure the files are sent to us at least 6 hours after the initial one was sent, otherwise our system will ignore the update. "

How this change affects you?
For our Palace Live/Server users, this may result in photos being excluded with some listings if they are transferred within this 6 hour period and in fact, some listings may not show until a subsequent transfer is done AFTER the 6 hour period.

We'll continue to receive updates from the realestate team and will endeavour to send out further updates to you all as soon as we receive more information.

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