11th February, 2019

Hi Everyone, this branch release includes some minor but very impactful bg fixes.
Please see the details from our latest release below: 



Transactions - Invoice Supplier/Due Date: When processing an invoice supplier transaction, the 'Due Date' field would default to the 'current date' when processing the transaction. This will now remain 'blank' as expected.

Work Order - Tenancy Invoice: We have added extra validation for the tenancy invoice portion of a work order. When creating a work order you will now be prompted to enter missing tenant info if and when applicable before processing.

Keep Backs - Would you like to reduce?: When processing changes in Palace where the system would ask if you would like to reduce the keep back, we found issues where Palace would reduce the keep back but leave you with some cents on the side due to the way it was rounding things. This has been updated and the amounts that are left over AFTER a keep back is reduced will now be based on the dollar value as expected.

Batch Owner Payments - Statements/Remittances: When generating your owner payments, you will now only have the option to generate either a statement or a remittance (this will mainly affect the way you process your mid-month payments).


Work Order - Tenancy Invoice: Under the tenancy invoice section of a work order, you will notice a Yes/No toggle. This will now read YES if a tenancy invoice has been created via the work order or NO if it hasn't.

Property - User Code: In Palace Live, when a new property was added, the system would generate a 'user code' by default. This automatic setting is now available in Liquid.

Dashboard - Pending Invoices: Issues were found with 'pending invoices' that were chargeable for a property where there was more than one invoice chargeable to one property and the priority was the same. This feature has been updated and you will have no issues processing pending invoices against the same property and the same priority.

Property - Won & Loss Reports: When marking a property active/inactive, the system was recording the data based on the date the changes were made and not the date that was set for the changes. This has been updated and ALL reports will generate the correct data accordingly.

Tenancy - Payment Details: When setting up a new tenant, the payment details will not autofill as expected.

Tenancy - Bond Ledgers: You will no longer be able to archive a tenant whilst they have a balance in a bond holding ledger.

User - Archived Access: Once you archive a user from your database, this user would still be able to login to the database. This has been updated and the system will now recognize when a user is archived and block them from being able to log in.

Custom View - Name Validation: The system will now look for the below characters when a new custom view is set up and will automatically remove them to avoid any data issues.

&' or ‘/’ or ‘\’ or ‘>’ or '<

Transactions - Payment Ledger: When processing a 'Payment Ledger' transaction the avail. funds would not auto-populate as expected. The system will now populate the avail. balance at the time of the payment and will no longer allow you to overdraw the ledger.

Tenancy - Bond Ledgers: You will no longer be able to archive a tenant whilst they have a balance in a bond holding ledger.

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