18th February, 2019

We've made some updates to allow bulk print merges again. Please see the details from our latest release below:

Mail Merge - Print: In a previous update in 2018, we restricted the number of people you could include in a 'print' mail merge to assist with database speed as this would often result in an overall system freeze.

With our latest update, you will now be able to merge up to 1500 entries at a time and when 'printing' you will have the choice of downloading either a PDF or Word Doc version of your document, ready to be printed.

Please note that the more entries you have to merge the longer it will take to merge, but things will load successfully and faster than before.


Things to take note of:

When in your custom view, use this button to select/de-select all entries on the page you are on.
In this example, I have my filter displaying 100 entries per page and I would select all entries on Page 1. Once selected, I could skip to Page 4 and then 6 and selecting all entries per page for my merge.
NOTE: There is a tick box still available for you to select ALL entries within the custom view if you need.


Once you have selected your entries, click on MERGE. This will open up a new tab and you can choose to print to PDF/Word Doc from this next window.


Once you make your choice, the system will begin to 'load'. Once the mail merge is completed, your document will be ready to download in the format you chose. The file will be downloaded in a .zip file, ready for you to open and print directly from your PC.


If you do exceed the 1500 limit, you can expect to see the below warning. Simply dismiss the warning and deselect some entries to allow you to proceed with your mail merge.



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