Update to Android App - Feb 2019

Hi Everyone,

We've made some improvements to our Android app to fix a few pending issues.
Please see the details from our latest release below:


Camera Settings: If you're lucky enough to have the ability to use 'pausable videos' on your device normally, this is now the default set up on the inspection app camera.

This feature requires no changes to be made on your device itself but you will need to ensure your app is updated to the above version number. Once the app is updated this will mean that the camera quality will be better and you will be able to use pausable videos for your video inspections.

NOTE: If you cannot record pausable videos outside of Palace, you will not be able to do so within the app either.
Because the camera layout and designs are changed, you can revert back to our original camera setting by selecting the below option:



Inspection Template - Showing as BOTH: A few devices encountered an issue where the app was not picking up your template correctly and recognizing whether the features were set to ROUTINE or FULL only. This resulted in templates being picked up for both FULL & ROUTINE inspections and in some cases, where the features would fail to show as the type was picked up as a date instead.

This has now been resolved and your templates will revert back to its original settings and operate as expected.

Camera Freezing: If you experienced issues where the app would freeze after taking 1 or 2 photos in the last month or so, this has now been resolved. Once your app updates, you can expect to take photos like normal again.

Photos - Rotation: We found an issue with photos saving the wrong way around once taken within the app. This has been updated and will save in the rotation you took the photo.

Video Inspections: We have added some additional error reporting for failed video inspections. If you have any issues with the Google Account linked to your youtube upload, you will now get a pop-up warning to let you know.

We've also made some enhancements to ensure that the videos have a higher success rate of uploading.

Upload Log: We now have the ability to track the cause of any errors that pop up during your upload. This allows us to investigate further on what caused the failed upload and put plans in place to mitigate the issue for future cases.

Previous Notes: By design, the app should pick up the notes/comments from the last completed inspection on a property. We found that the iOS app did this successfully, however, the Android platform resulted in some devices starting inspections with a blank canvas each time.
This has been updated and will now pull through the notes/comments from the last inspection in the property diary.

Room Names: If you had designed your inspection template and your rooms had long names eg. Master Bedroom, front entrance on the left 1, this would result in inspections failing to upload. We have extended the exceptions for the room character counts to allow for things to upload successfully.

Save To Camera Roll: We have made some enhancements to this feature to ensure that both videos and photos are saved as expected. For those that had any issues with files saving to their device, this will work as long as you have the setting turned on, but you must ensure that your device settings are set like the below example as well:


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