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Change To Email Settings

We've encountered a problem with our email service that we've resolved, however, the resolution will impact some users going forward, for ALL versions of Palace (Server, Live & Liquid).

Up until recently, you had been on one of three email options listed below:

Option 1. Using Your Own Domain: Any emails sent out of Palace, when returned by the recipient, are returned directly to your Outlook/Gmail inbox (the reply is not recorded in Palace). This is how many other software apps operate (eg. Xero) where all emails sent from tenants/owners, etc are stored in your Outlook/Gmail inbox.

Option 2. Using A Custom Palace Domain: Emails sent out of Palace, when returned by the recipient, are returned to Palace only. They are not returned to your Outlook/Gmail inbox. Emails sent directly to you from Owners/Tenants are stored in your Outlook/Gmail inbox, and emails sent from Palace, are stored in Palace. Those using this option will be familiar with their domain address being in this format -

Option 3. Email Forwarding (Add-On to Palace Domain): Emails sent out of Palace, when replied to by the owner/tenant, are stored in Palace AND then forwarded to your Outlook/Gmail inbox. We have always felt that this is the best option, however, we have located a problem in this option that intermittently blocks the email from being received (this was also affecting email in Option 2 above).

To prevent emails from being blocked, we're having to withdraw option 3 to have emails forwarded from Palace to your email client (Outlook/Gmail).

When we do this, customers currently set to option 3, will default to option 2, which means the only thing you can expect to change is that all replies will stop forwarding to your inbox. While we do feel option 3 is the best setting for emails in Palace, we have to withdraw it until we're able to provide a solution that works as expected.

Please get in touch with our support team if you have any further questions on the above and how options 1 & 2 will work for you and your database.

What's next?

If you or your clients are having issues where they are not receiving your emails you can learn more about how to whitelist/unblock your email address.

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