29th January, 2019

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:


Letting Fee: If Palace recognizes that there is a difference between the letting fee amount displayed on the tenant screen and the letting fee displayed in the property screen, you will now get the below pop up to confirm if you would like to make update the changes.




Transactions - Unprocessed Supplier Transactions: We noted some issues where the unprocessed report would display zero values as opposed showing the correct amounts for the transactions ahead of being processed.

System Settings - Hold Tenant Money: If you used the setting where Palace was to 'hold' any rent received from a tenant before their tenancy started, you may have found that these funds were available to be used for pending invoices & charges. This has been updated and is now working as expected.

EOM - Presented Items: During EOM, you may have had some issue in the past where you would not be able to successfully close your month due to a transaction being presented past the close off date. Only trouble is, you can't actually see this transaction in your bank recon to 'un-present'. This has been updated and fixed which means you will now be able to find any transactions that need to be moved to allow your EOM close-off successfully.

Transactions - Payment Supplier: ePalace is designed to exclude any supplier payments that have invoices linked to an overdrawn owner/property. The problem with this though is that when you pushed through your generated batch payments is that they would show as a $0.00 payment on the screen. This will no longer show $0.00 payments but instead only pull through payments that are due (This applies to both End and Mid Month).

Portfolio Reports: We found some issues with the fees recorded on this report in relation to the fees and how they were shown on the report. The amounts looked like they were doubled up, however, we have found where the issue is picking up from and have made changed to prevent this from happening again. 

System Speed - Diaries: We have made some changes on our end to enhance the speed of the diary loading.

Transactions - Letting Fee Reversals: There was an issue with the coding surrounding our letting fee transactions if they were ever reversed. We have located where the issue was on our end and have applied a fix to ensure that all is updated/working correctly.

Transactions - Receipt Tenant Multi/Letting Fees: The letting fee required amount will now auto-fill when using the ''receipt tenant - multi'' transaction.


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