Version 6.278

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:


Email Blockages: If you have experienced 'blocked' emails recently, we have made some adjustments to our emailing system that provides a solution to this ongoing issue. With our changes, this means that you can expect to not have any emails blocked up and to receive them into Palace as expected.

Merge Field - Move In Amount: With the recent update to accommodate the letting fee changes, there were some minor areas that were still coded to pick up data based on the original tenant let fee details. One of these areas was the Move-In cost merge field where it was still picking up the tenants total move in cost is included with the bond and rent required. This has been updated and will now calculate accurately as expected, where the move in cost will no longer take the letting fees into consideration IF you have changed your settings to charge the owners the letting fee.

Bank Import - Tenant Details Tab: We have also updated the Tenant details tab so that it no longer shows the letting fee amount owing when matching a tenant via the bank import process.



Merge Field - Owner Custom 9: We found an issue with the Owner Custom 9 merge field, where this would pick up the owners subscription media type as well as the actual custom field data. This has now been resolved and will merge the required data as expected.

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