How to move properties from one property manager to another

If a property manager leaves and you need to assign a new property manager to the portfolio. This can be done automatically in Palace Liquid by working through this article titled Moving a Portfolio from one Property Manager to another.

Please Note: If you are splitting a portfolio between two users, this has to be done manually and you need to change the user's name in the following areas

  • Owner Edit Screen - Under the Options tab you will need to update the Property manager
  • Property Edit Screen - Under the Publish and Options tabs, you will need to update the property manager
  • Property Inspections - Each of the property Inspections involved will need to have the primary user updated to the new user.
  • Repetitive Charges - Any other charges that are currently set up against these properties will need to have the primary user updated to the new user.

Note: If you use the advertising feature, double-check that your user codes for advertising are allocated correctly to the new user. You can adjust this in the user Edit screen.

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