Version 6.276

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:


Email Systems: We have made some minor changes to our email settings. If you have recently opted to use Option 1 from our email changes, where you will be able to send emails out of Palace but all replies will come directly back to your personal email inbox eg. Gmail, Outlook etc.

Our email system has been changed to ensure that these emails are sent out successfully and will have a higher chance of being received by the recipient. If you access your 'system settings' you will now notice the below-highlighted option. Once ticked, you will automatically change your email setting to be set to 'option 1' as mentioned above. This tick box will automatically turn on if you disable your domain request as well. If you're unsure about the pros and cons of this change, get in touch with our support team for further assistance.


Ledger Fee Summary/Details: With the recent update to accommodate the letting fee changes, we have made some updates to the Ledger Fee Summary & Details report to display agent breakdowns accurately as per below examples.


Bank Account: In the online file area, you will now get a pop up to ask if any changes made to a bank account is to be made permanent.


Merge Field: The ''Property Unit Code'' merge field has now been built to have a dash added by default for properties with a unit & street number. We've also made an adjustment to the ''Property Address Full' merge field so that it only includes - Unit Number, Street Number & Street Address.


Reports - Property Flyer: We have updated the property flyer report so that it no longer included the 'letting fee' amount as a part of the 'move-in' costs.

Automatic Keep Backs for Overpaid Rent: If you use our 'automatic keep back' feature, we found an issue where the overpaid rent was still held against the property but was released for payment at EOM. This will now continue to 'keep back' any overpaid rent from a vacated tenant.

Transactions - Tenancy Bond ledgers: We identified some issues where tenant invoices that were assigned via document flow were not updating the available balance in a tenant bond ledger. This could result in overdrawn ledgers if there was more than one invoice to be assigned at a time. This feature has been updated and will now register the ledger balance at the time of processing each transaction.

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