17th January, 2019

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:


Dashboard Reminders: Reminders in the dashboard will now display based on the 'user' linked to the reminder and not based on the user linked to the property (as a primary agent).
Prior to our update, all reminders available in the dashboard were filtered by the Primary Agent for the property and not by who is actually assigned to the reminder entry. Eg. If I created a reminder entry against Bob's property, I would need permission to see all of Bob's properties to be able to see this reminder even though the reminder itself is set up against my name.

Moving forward, if you do not have permission to see a certain user's properties but need to action reminders for these properties, they will show on the dashboard as expected.
NOTE: If you currently have permission to see the properties you need, this will not change/affect any of your existing processes.


Transactions - Charge Admin Fee/Keep Back: If you are entering an admin charge (commonly a letting fee lately) against a property with insufficient funds, Palace will create a pending charge for you but would not prompt you to create a keep back. From now on, you will get a pop-up to ask if you would like to create a pending charge AND to add a keep back. Same rules as our normal keep backs will occur where you will be asked to reduce your keep backs whilst processing other invoices.



Diary Files - Archived: We found issues where you would not be able to generate/open any attachments against an archived owner, property, tenant or supplier diary. After some further investigation, we are happy to note that you will now be able to preview all attachments against an archived entry with no further issues.

Reports - Bond Audit: We found issues with the Bond audit report where the totals would not match up. We have identified the issue and the figures shown will now generate correctly.

Bank Import - AP Match: We found issues where Palace would not correctly update the tenant's payment details if you were updating their AP details during a bank import. This would result in users requiring to update the tenant's payment details each time they were processed. This has been resolved and should work as expected for all future cases.



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