13th December, 2018

Hi Everyone, Please see the details from our latest release below:


Emails - Out of office: Just in time for the holiday season, you will now be able to set up an out of office. For more details on how this works and how to set it up, click HERE

Document Workflow - Keep Backs: If you're using the strict audit settings and a property has insufficient funds when processing invoices via the document workflow, Palace will now automatically add a keep back for this pending invoice.

Mail Merge Field - New: We have added 'Owner Mail Merge Inclusion' to our list of available merge fields. This can be used in custom views as well as Owner type document templates. This merge field allows you to apply rules to include/exclude owners from your custom views depending on the below setting. Snip20181213_49.png

Invoice Supplier - Duplications: Entering multiple invoices at once, or maybe using our handy rapid entry feature for invoices? If so, you will now receive a pop-up warning if the system picks up on any potential duplicate invoices. If Palace picks up that you have already entered an invoice for the same property, supplier or amount into the 'unprocessed' area of your transaction screen, you will receive the below warning to confirm upon clicking on process: Snip20181214_56.png Please note: this is simply a warning so you can choose to proceed or choose to cancel.  



Online Files - Format: We found some clients of Macquarie bank were having issues with their online file not being accepted when uploaded via Palace. This applied to clients 'not' using the general Macquarie bank ABA format but instead required an ANSI type format. We have updated the format of these files once generated, meaning that you will no longer experience any further issues with your online file uploads.

Transactions - Invoice Tenancy: This area will now pick up the agent as the 'primary agent' as set up in the property screen. Previously, this would default to the agent that was at the top of the list in alphabetical order.Snip20181214_54.png

Transactions - Bank Import: During the importing of your bank statement, you have the option to update the tenant's match code & AP record. Now when this updates, if there are any changes made to the amount/expected date & Receipt Period these areas will also update and save in the tenant's payment details area.

Transactions - Apply-to Drop Down: Applicable to our MAC users only! When entering an invoice tenancy, Receipt Tenancy Invoice or Refund Tenancy Invoice you would have a bit of a delay when adjusting the apply-to drop down with the ledger names showing up eg. Changing it from applying to the owner, to be applied to a ledger, the ledger names would not show as a drop-down option immediately. This has been fixed and will not update instantaneously as expected.

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