How to set up Out of Office Auto Reply for your Palace Email

Setting up your ‘Email Auto Reply’

This feature allows you to set up an out of office in your database, per user.

A great feature to use if you’re on your way out to a day of meetings, closing the office down for an event or of course, heading away on holiday.

To use this feature, you must use our email domain which allows you to send & receive emails within Palace.

Auto Reply Setup                                                                                  

Go to the Inbox and on the top right hand side you will see the Auto Reply button. Click in here

Please note: This is based on the person logged in, so you cannot set it up here for another person. However, it is still available on the drop down arrow next to the user name in the User area.



HINT: If you’re looking to have a default ‘auto reply’ that is left on indefinitely, leave the end date field blank.You will be taken to the email set up screen, where you will get to choose the subject line, start/end date & email content for your auto reply. Once you’re happy with your changes, Save & Close and your Auto Reply has automatically been turned ON.

Note: If you copy and paste into this area, please be aware that any images will "break" the process 


Removing your Auto Reply                                                                                    

If you haven’t set an end date for your Auto Reply, you can manually turn this off.

Access your Auto reply set up screen (as shown in the previous step) and at the top of your screen you will see the option to click on MORE.

Select this option and you will see ‘Remove Auto Reply’ and your screen will automatically refresh and navigate you back to the main users screen.

This removes the auto reply and clears all fields in the set up screen for you.

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