29th November, 2018

Hi Everyone, We have deployed an update last night with the following changes:


Custom View - Tenant: We found an issue where you would get the 'OOPS' error when you try to 'edit' a tenant from a custom view screen. We have located the root of the issue and have applied a fix to have it up and running as expected.


Custom View - Navigation: As a part of our development work to ensure the system runs as smooth as possible, we have made some minor changes to how the custom view 'looks'. When you click on the option 'custom view' from any of your subheadings (owners, properties, tenants or suppliers) you will no longer see a drop down 'list' of your existing custom views, instead, you will have all your custom views (for that category) show on your main screen as per the below screenshot: Snip20181129_68 In this screen, you will now see the option to 'create new' custom views, the ability to 'edit' -or- 'delete' a custom view and the option to 'open' your custom view by either clicking on the name of the view or simply selecting the option 'Open' showcased in the above screenshot. Once you have opened your custom view, it is business as usual with using this feature for mail merges or previewing custom data etc.  


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