7th December, 2018

Hi Everyone,

With EOM done, we have decided to enable the 'print' option for your bulk mail merges again.
Our dev team are continuously working on a permanent fix and are quite close to having this ready to be released for everyone to use again. However, we do realize that the end of the year, as well as inspection letters, are needing to be printed, so as a temporary workaround we have instead implemented a 'limit' on how many clients you can merge at once. This will allow you to merge and print a set amount of letter at once without any issues.

You will be able to merge 50 letters at one time and if you exceed the 50 limits, you will receive the below pop-up message. If you're simply running an email run, then you can continue past this warning and proceed to run your email merge as normal.

Please note: Bulk email merges and individual document merges will continue to work as expected. If you are using a template with large images, you can still expect to run into some 'processing' issues, but this will all be fixed once our dev team has our permanent update ready for release on this feature - More updates coming soon!


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