Charging an Owner a Let Fee (Live)

Please see the Setting up for an Owner Let Fee instructions if you have not already changed your system to charging a let fee from a property.

These instructions are for charging a Owner Let Fee

Enter the new tenant is as normal and the let fee on the property should auto flow into the tenant area



  • Click on Transactions
  • Choose receipt Tenant Multiple
  • Select tenant
  • It will show the rent and bond that you need to receipt
  • Down the bottom of the screen is the Charge Owner area
  • Select the ledger - owner Letting Fees and the amount will auto fill from the property screen.
  • Click on save
  • (Please note: Use Receipt Tenant Multiple EVEN if just charging an Owner and not receipting rent because it will then go into the correct ledger)

There will be 3 transactions on the Transaction screen

Two receipts and one charge to Owner

Click on Process

This receipts the rent and bond against the tenant and takes the money from the Property/Owner


You can also do this through Receipt Rent 

NOTE: If you are charging one weeks rent plus GST but only receipting one weeks rent from the tenant, Palace may tell you it cannot process the charge due to Strict Audit as there is not enough money.

If you charge commission for let fees, this will take the commission from the Owner Charge





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