Setting up for Charge Owner Letting Fees


This applies if you are charging an Owner a let fee of a week plus GST OR a fixed charge or any charge.

Under system settings is a switch to change your database from a tenancy Letting to an Owner/Property Letting Fee charge

  • Under system, settings - on the policies tab
  • Charge Letting Fee to:
  • Select Property
  • Settings_under_system.png
  • Then click save and close

Now click again on System and go to Defaults

Over on the right hand side you will see the area below.

If you are going to charge one week plus GST, then make sure that you have set this to 1, if you are going to charge a set fee it is imperative that you change this to 0.

Because this is the area that the let fee field will fill from and if you leave it as one week, it will keep auto filling over the top each time you increase the Property Rental.


  • Under the Property edit screen is a new area and a new field for you to record the letting fee that you will charge. 
  • Each time you set up a new property and you fill in the property rental amount it will auto fill. In an existing property it will autofill every time you update the property rental price
    If you have letting fee set to 0 then it will not overfill and you can type in your fixed charge.
  • Otherwise type in the fixed amount (ex GST)



You are now set up ready to go.

NOTE: this will feed through to the Tenant Screen, if you change the amount there, when you save, you will get a pop up box asking you if you want to update the property letting fee amount. 

See instructions for charging an owner let fee 

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