How do I export Mail Merge Labels from Palace to Word?

Looking to export a list of your clients to use for labels or an external mail merge via Word?
Follow the below on the easiest way to export the data you need out of Palace, so that you can import it to Word.
(this is also great to be used in Mail Chimp as well)

Start by clicking on Custom View under the relevant option i.e Owners

If you don't have an existing view to use, create a new one with all the relevant information that you need to export from Palace i.e Owner First Name & Owner Surname

If you have one ready to use, click on the custom view and 'preview' your list.
Be sure to tick all the entries you need before clicking on 'more' and exporting your list to Excel.

Your excel file should be saved automatically to your downloads folder (make note where its saved if you do not autosave to your downloads folder or if you move elsewhere on your PC as you need this location for importing into word)


(please see google instructions if unsure)

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