Charging an Owner the Let Fee

Please see the Setting up for an Owner Let Fee instructions if you have not already changed your system to charging a let fee from a property.

These instructions are for charging a Owner Let Fee

Enter the new tenant as normal and you will see the Owner Let Fee required is down the bottom on the right-hand side of the edit screen


Go to Transactions.

You have two choices - you can do a Charge - Owner Letting Fee or Receipt Tenant Multiple and charge the fee that way.

Both are below

  • Go to Transactions
  • Click on Charge - Owner Letting Fee
  • Find tenant
  • This will take the money from the Property/Owner and put it into your ledger area under Owner Let Fee.
  • Click confirm when finished.


OR you can do it through Receipt Tenant Multiple

  • Click on Transactions
  • Choose receipt Tenant Multiple
  • Select tenant
  • It will show the rent and bond that you need to receipt
  • Go to an empty field and click on the drop-down and choose Charge Owner Let Fee
  • It will automatically pick up the amount set in the field on the Property Edit Screen.
  • Click on Confirm

There will be 3 transactions on the Transaction screen

Two receipts and one charge to Owner

Click on Process

This receipts the rent and bond against the tenant and takes the money from the Property/Owner

NOTE: If you are charging one week's rent plus GST but only receipting one week's rent from the tenant, Palace may tell you it cannot process the charge due to Strict Audit as there is not enough money.


Update 15.03.2023

Transactions: Charge Owner Letting Fee (Reduce Keep Back): When processing Owner Letting Fee charges via the Receipt Tenant Multiple transaction and the transaction fails due to insufficient funds, the system automatically creates a pending charge with keep back. When processing the pending charge from the dashboard, the option to reduce the keepback was missing. We have fixed this issue so Users will now receive a prompt asking if they would like to reduce the keepback for these specific charges.

Transactions: Pending Charge Owner Letting Fee: We were made aware recently of the phrase - No Comments - being appended to Charge Owner Letting fees that were set to pending. We have now fixed this issue so the appended phrase will no longer display on the pending charge on the dashboard or on the Owner Statement once processed.

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