Add System Bank Account - or Changing (NZ)

You can set up your Trust Account here, this is for the account that receives the rents and pays out the owners.

You can only enter one Trust, however if you specifically need another Trust Account, you must contact Support and we will discuss your needs and set it up.

  • Click on System Bank:
    This is where you enter the Trust Account Details.
  • Click on the “Enter Account Name here” next to the Code 01
  • Enter in your details, you do not need to enter a "-"  in between the numbers for the bank account.
  • DO NOT enter in an Opening Balance. – This is done when the Palace Staff enter the Opening Balances.
  • Click on Save Changes when done.

If you are going to do Direct Debit, you will need your registration number from the bank to enter in here otherwise your file will not work. 

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