Entering/Adding a new user

You can enter your own users in Palace and send them a Password link

Go to Palace

  • Click on "Users" (left hand side menu) a drop down list shows
  • Select “Add user”

Details Tab:

  • Username: Usually your first name
  • Position: This field can be used as a merge field in a letter to fill in if needed
  • When you first get set up in Palace you will receive an email asking you to change your password and confirm it.

Personal Details and Contact Information

  • Fill in as required

Note: You must enter a surname and an email address, the email address is the one that Palace will be set up on as your user name to log into the system


  • Enter in the date started
  • Date Ended is for when their employment is ended
    User Codes
  • These are used for the advertising uploads for sites like realenz and harcourts etc

Financial Tab:
Enter in the commission percentage that you are paying them. (if you are paying them commission)

Note: On each receipt, Palace takes off the company percentage first and then the User commission is taken from the company commission i.e 8% company commission is $50.00 and the User is set to receive 50% which will be $25.00. For more information on User commissions and GST - See the Palace and User Commissions Information file

  • If the User has a GST Number, enter it in the GST Number field (Top of the screen) - See User Commission and GST notes
  • If the User is charged a withholding fee, enter the % in the Withholding Tax field.
  • Select payment type
  • Enter in the date started.
  • Authorities: Tick all the authorities that are relevant. - See below for an explanation on Authorities.

Click Save

Authorities Tab:

Select the authorities you want. Please see the area on Authorities explained for the breakdown on each one.


This area controls which parts of Palace you can share with another Palace user. You can have it set that you can only see your own and no one else will see or you can share everything. There are two sections explained as below.

If you just want to see your own Owners properties and Tenants and reminders but want the option to see others from time to time. Turn every one to NO on the Permissions list tab and under Authorities make sure you have Company Portfolio turned to Yes.

This allows you to switch on and off as you want using the (human) eye icon at the top of the screen.

If you want to always see the whole portfolio and everyone’s messages and reminders, then you can set it to yes against each person in the permission list.

Discuss with your trainer if you want it explained a bit more


Once you have finished click Save and Close.

Now you need to set up the Email link for them to log in. See the instructions on Setting up log on details.  Kindly read the following article - Entering a New User - Setting up Log in Details

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