Bulk reassign user portfolio


Learn how to reassign a user’s portfolio to another agent.

This article covers:

Reassign a portfolio

This area is permission-based. If you do not have access, ask your manager or administrator to assist you.

  • Click on System > Settings > Tools
  • Click Change assignment

Move a portfolio (3).png

  • Select the old user (User from) and who you want to move the properties over to (User to)
  • Click the square next to the search box to either select or deselect all items on the page
  • Or if a few properties are required, tick several items on the list
  • When done, click on Save Changes

Move a portfolio (1).png



This process will transfer all properties, inspections, and related records to the selected user. Owners without associated properties will not be moved, as the transfer only applies to properties. To split a portfolio between two users, perform two separate transfers.

Note: If you use the advertising feature, double-check that your user codes for advertising are allocated correctly to the new user. You can adjust this in the user Edit screen.

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