Entering your logo into Palace - Editing or Changing your logo

Company Logo for your system

  • Send your logo (JPEG) Plus Company contact details to support@getpalace.com and we will make a letterhead for your palace system.
  • If you already have one,
  • Go to system Settings and click on the Letterhead tab, then you can just drag and drop into here.
  • This goes onto your Statements, Invoices and some reports. It does not go onto your Document Templates, you have to add the letterhead to each letter manually, once they are on, they stay on.

To change your letterhead

Send your new jpeg image and the company contact details to support@getpalace.com and ask for a new logo and to change the old one. There is sometimes a charge for this.


Please note, we will do two mock ups for you to choose from and make one edit, if you continually need to change it, we will need to charge for our time.


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