Add a company letterhead


A letterhead with your company's logo and information looks great on inspection reports and documents.

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Add a letterhead to Palace

The maximum supported dimension size is 2126 x 295 pixels. Anything smaller than that will be OK, however, using the frame helps if the logo needs to be placed on the right or left of a document.

  • Click on System > Settings > Letterhead
  • Drag and drop your logo here
  • Click Save changes


Note: The letterhead doesn't appear automatically in the Document Templates. To include a letterhead in templates, you'll need to add it when creating or editing the document. Make sure to use a JPG/JPEG format for the letterhead.


If you need assistance with resizing your logo, reach out to us by either emailing or using the Help button in Palace to submit a support request. Make sure to include all the details you want on the letterhead and attach a high-resolution logo (JPG or PDF) for us to upload to Palace.

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