Invoice Priority Processing

If any invoice is urgent or large and needs to be processed before any other invoice, you can make it a high priority. 

NOTE: This only works for those using the Strict Audit settings

Once an invoice is made high priority it will stop any other invoice for that property being paid in front of it.

If you would like to turn priority processing on:

Click on System, then settings

Under the Management Tab - under Property, choose turn priority processing on

Save and close


How to set your priorities

Priority selection can be found under Invoice Supplier, Document Flow or Work Order processing.

You have the choice of High Medium and Low.

High will stop any other invoice from processing

Medium just means if there is nothing higher than that will be paid in date order of any other mediums for that property

Low: Last invoice for that property to be paid.



Invoices will go to the dashboard if not enough money to pay, they will sit under the insufficient funds area and you will still get the same pop ups to put on keep back as normal.

You will be able to clearly see the priorities besides each invoice,

  • If two or more invoices for a property, the High invoices will show first.
  • if two or more high invoices for one property then the one with the oldest date will show first. 

Once the owner has money they will be cleared, If there is an invoice with high priority, the other invoices will not be cleared until that one has enough money to pay.

You can change the priority by clicking on Edit, next to the Invoice you want and then changing the priority. (you can do this to temporarily allow an invoice through and then change it back)



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