Communication for Rent Arrears - Sending an SMS Text or Letter

Sending an SMS (Text) to a Tenant

Both sent and received texts are saved in the tenant diary. There are two ways of sending an SMS arrears Text, individually from the tenant diary, or as a group.

  • Make sure the phone number does not have any letters in it, they will stop it from sending.
  • On the right hand side at the bottom there are two areas that show you the SMS size. It pays to check you have not written too much as this will send more than one text.
  • All NZ mobile phone numbers should start with +64 and Australian numbers should start with +61
  • More information on sending and receiving texts in the diary help file.
  • You can also send a Text by Bulk - See the Mail Merge File for more information


14 Day Arrears letter to a Tenant

There are two ways of processing a letter depending on whether you are sending an individual letter or bulk letter.

  • To send an individual letter - Go to the diary and click on correspondence (Select the letter -Rent Overdue) - for more information click here to be taken to the Diary Help file
  • To send a bulk letter – Go to Custom Views and select your template – Check out the mail merge file for more information
  • Make sure you select the diary group "Rent Overdue" in all your letters
  • Make sure your letters are using the mail merge field "Tenant Group: Net Rent Owing", this takes into consideration any part payment (rent in credit)


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