Communication for Rent Arrears - Send an SMS or letter

Sending an SMS (text) to a tenant

Both sent and received texts are saved in the tenant diary. There are two ways of sending SMS arrears texts, individually from the tenant diary, or as a group.

  • Ensure the phone number doesn't have letters in it, they will stop it from sending
  • On the right-hand side at the bottom, two areas show you the SMS size. It pays to check you have not written too much as this will send more than one text
  • All NZ mobile phone numbers should start with +64 and Australian numbers should start with +61
  • More information on sending and receiving texts is in the diary help file
  • You can also send a Text by Bulk - See the Mail Merge File for more information

14 Day Arrears letter to a Tenant

There are two ways of processing a letter depending on whether you are sending an individual letter or a bulk letter.

  • To send an individual letter:
    • Go to the diary and click on correspondence (select the letter - Rent Overdue)
  • To send a bulk letter:
    • Go to Custom Views and select your template
  • Make sure you select the diary group Rent Overdue in all your letters
  • Make sure your letters are using the mail merge field Tenant Group: Net Rent Owing, this takes into consideration any part payment (rent in credit)
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