Rent Overdue Report - Reporting on Rent Arrears

This report should be run daily after the rents have been receipted. This report is an excellent management tool as the landscape version shows the last 3 diary entries that are linked to the group "Rent Overdue"  in the diary.

The report is found under Tenant Reports

The days overdue that show are the actual days minus any part payment i.e. if the tenant is paid to the 1st October and today is the 10th, the tenant will show as 9 days overdue. However if the tenant has a part payment (amount in credit) Palace will take this into consideration by dividing the amount by the daily rent. E.g. say daily rate is $50 and the amount in credit is $100. This equals 2 days rent, so Palace will take 2 days off the 9 days overdue so they are now 7 days overdue.

Instructions -

  • Tenant Reports - Click on Overdue Rent
  • Choose from the following settings
  • Date as at: This is the date that will print on the report. Normally you would change it to the day before, as this is the day that the rents are receipted up to.
  • User You can select by individual User or by All
  • Tenancy Selection: You can choose current or vacated or all. It is good practice to run a vacated report every month as this will show you the tenants who are paying off arrears.
  • Owing by Period: Calculates to the end of the current period that they pay i.e week, fortnightly
  • Owing by Day: Calculates by day to the current day (This will match your tenant list if you have your system set on (Day). If you do have your system set on a Day by Day setting, then you can use the Date area to choose what day the report shows.


Report Order:

  • Amount: Sorts the report with the largest outstanding amount at the top.
  • Days Overdue: Sorts the report by the tenant with the most days owing at the top.

Print Options

  • Portrait: Shows, Paid to Date, Days Overdue, Amount Owing, Other Amounts Owing, Tenants Name and Address, Home ph number and Owners Name

  • Rent_arrears_1.png
    Landscape: Shows all of the above plus Date Ended, Part Payment and Current Rent Amount. It will also show any diary entries that have been linked to the Diary Group – Rent Overdue.
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