Document Workflow - Processing the Invoice (Includes Matching)

Matching and Processing the Invoices

  • Click on the document Icon (Top right-hand of the screen)
  • Go to Financial > Document Flow


If in green, this one is matched and approved and ready to process. If you want to check click on Edit and the following screen will appear, where you can check the information.

Note: If yellow, this means that an exception has been noted i.e., tenant vacated or something like that, you can approve this yourself by clearing the exception or you can mark it for approval which will send it to the Approval tab on the Dashboard for the property manager to approve.

Work down the list and action anything that needs action. (Descriptions of colours at top of page)

Then click on the tab that says Unmatched. This will show you a list of any invoices where Palace has not recognized the Property or the supplier.

Click on Edit and the screen below will pop up.

Click on the download icon next to View Invoice so you can see the details and then fill in the screen

  • Find the Property
  • Find the Supplier
  • Select an Expense
  • Add a cost
  • Description
  • Fill in the bottom part if charging a tenant


Note: Once you match this information for the first time, it will auto-match the next time an invoice comes in from that creditor for that Property.

  • Double-check the information and the price, and save
  • Once you have all the entries ready, select the ones you want to process
  • Click on Process
  • A pop-up screen will appear


  • This is mainly for water rates but read carefully and make the selections
    • Attach 'Original Invoice' with tenancy invoice - This is the tenancy invoice that was created, do you want to attach it to the diary and the Owner
    • Include 'Tenancy Charge' breakdown on supplier invoice - The breakdown of the water charge for the tenant and the fixed charge for the owner
    • Include 'Due Date' on tenancy invoice - The due date is picked up from the Settings area, i.e., 14 days so Palace will work out the 14 days on when the invoice is due
  • Once you have finished the processing, it will take you to the transaction area as normal, and then process as normal. This will move the money off the property and onto the Creditor waiting for payment. See the Transaction file for more information on Supplier Payment
  • The actual Invoice copy has been attached as a PDF and you can see it on a right-click or in the Property Diary under the Invoices Tab
  • Paying the Creditor/Supplier is the same process as normal, for instructions go to the maintenance help file

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