Rent arrears reports - Summary of Rent report

Before you go to the Tribunal, you must make sure that the Tenancy Details report and the Summary of Rent reports match, if they don't then you must fix them before printing.

Note: This report only works for rents that are loaded as a weekly amount, so you can still have your fortnightly payment added under Payment Details so that it matches the bank import, make sure the main setting in Palace under the Edit screen is set as weekly.

It will not work for Monthly at all.

This is the actual report that is recommended by the NZ Tenancy Tribunal.

Note: This report does not show paid to dates.


  • The first 4 columns show what should have happened, the date the payment was expected and the period it covered.
  • The right-hand columns show what happened, so by the sample you can see that the tenant did not pay the first week's rent and now it shows as $230 in arrears.
  • Any gaps in the right-hand side mean the tenant missed a payment
  • Any gaps in the left-hand side mean the tenant paid an extra payment in that rental period

Note: The bottom of the report will show you what they owe up to today (or the day chosen when running the report). You might see an adjustment if your Palace database is set to Midday to Midday calculations.

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