Alerts: - Setting up Alerts - Owners Properties and Tenants

Alerts are like pop up balloons that appear on the relevant list, they show as a Exclamation mark against the left hand side of the list. They are handy for important notes i.e Owner does own maintenance.

If you enter an alert against a property, it will only show in the property list (and work order screen), same for Owner, Tenant and Creditor.

Although the Owner and the Tenant ones will also pop up in some transaction screens.

Make sure the alert  is on the list that it is relevant to i.e "Owner doing their own maintenance" needs to be on the Property List, so when you are on the property list you can see which properties have alerts.  Alerts also show on some screens in the transaction area.

There are two different ways to set up Alerts, through the diary or on the front screen above the lists.

  • For the diary: Right click on the required Owner, Property or Tenant, click on diary, click on Alert. Type in what you want and click save
  • On the property List, click on drop down arrow and click on EDIT ALERT
  • Type in your comments, click on save
  • To delete an alert, delete the text and click on save.
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