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Archiving a property in Palace allows you to temporarily remove it from active listings without permanently deleting it. This can be helpful in various scenarios, such as when a property is temporarily unavailable for rent or sold.

This article covers:

Before archiving a property

Archiving helps you keep your active listings organized and ensures that only relevant properties are displayed to potential tenants. Once you are done with a property you can archive it.

    • Archive the tenant
    • Make the property inactive
    • Properties cannot be archived if there have been any transactions in the current month

Archive a property

If the tenant has left but still owes money, you can't archive the property. Mark it as inactive. However, if you're collecting money through a debt collector sporadically, it's better to archive the tenant and property to save on charges. You can reinstate them when needed.

  • Click on Property > Current properties
  • Search for the property > Click on the address
  • Under Property details, click on the Status drop-down and select Inactive
  • Click Save & close

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  • This will bring up a box, click on the down arrow and pick an inactive reason/description from the list.
  • Click on the Reason drop-down arrow
  • Click on a reason from the list

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Making a property inactive is what triggers it to appear on the property lost record and the Won and Lost report. Archiving the property won't have any impact on the Won and Lost report.

  • Click Save

If everything is settled with the transactions, you can go ahead and archive. Just make sure there are no inspections scheduled for this month. If there are, you'll have to wait until the following month.

  • In the property list, click on the drop-down next to Edit
  • Click Archive
  • A confirmation pop-up box will appear
  • Click Yes
  • The property is now archived and can be found under Property > Archived properties

Note: If you get an error saying you cannot archive, read the reasons carefully, usually, it is because

    • There has been a transaction in the current month. This means you will have to wait till the following month to archive
    • If there is an open balance. This must be zero before archiving the property

Inactive reasons/descriptions

If you do not have any or a particular reason in the box, unique items can be added.

  • Click on System > List defaults
  • Click the drop-down below the List Category heading
  • Click on Property - Inactive state reasonings
  • Click Add
  • Enter your reason
  • Click Save changes

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