I want to collect information but Palace does not have the fields - can I make my own Custom Fields -

Yes you can, because each company is different,  the type of information collected can be different.To help you with this, we have set up an area where you can create your own fields and then use those fields to report on or merge into letters.

These are available for an Owner, Property and Tenant and can be found on the Owner Property and Tenant records. We have allowed for the following

8 available fields under Owner

30 available fields under Property

15 available fields under Tenant

To create your own fields:

  • Click on System 
  • Click on Custom Fields
  • Click on the tab you require i.e Owner Property or Tenant
  • (we are using Property for this example)
  • Name the field: i.e Water Meter no.
  • Select what type of field
    Text:  Free form
    Date: Will only allow date format
    Money: Will only allow currency format
    Value: Will only allow numbers
    Yes or No: Ideal for a straight question. i.e Asbestos in Property

  • Click on Save Changes at the top of screen when done
  • Go to a property and go to the Options tab
  • You will now see a list of the custom fields you have created and you can fill in the information.

Now you can set up a Custom View using those fields




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