Setting up the Publish area of the Property for advertising

The publish tab is one of the tabs that make up the property card.

This tab holds the information that uploads to any advertising website, but it also feeds the Property Available Reports and Property Flyers.

Even if you will not be using the Advertising features straight away, we suggest you add this information as you go as it will save you so much time if you do decide to start uploading your advertising.

Remember in order for property to go to a website, the property MUST have a date available in the Available date field on the front screen of the property.

  • Agent: Choose the agent that you want to show on the advertising information
  • Class Code and all the tick boxes are used for the Advertising websites to make sure they put the ad in the right category, so select carefully.
  • Rent Details: This is the weekly rent and is used with the advertising, changing it here does not affect the current tenancy rent rate in any way – Then click Save and Close as you are done.
    Note: This is the rent rate that is used to auto fill a new Tenants rent rate.
  • Extended Details: Fill in as much information as you can
  • Publish Options:
    Publish Entry Online: If Yes, then once the property is available it will automatically go up with your advertising upload.
    Publish Address: Yes, it will show the whole address, No, it will not show any address.
    Pets Allowed: Yes or No
    Smokers Allowed: Yes or No
    New Construction: is this a new house?
    Trade Me: to change this to Yes, so you can upload to Trade Me, just click on the More and select “Upload to Trade Me”. The page will start processing and you will get a prompt to ask you to refresh you say yes, then the toggle will change from no to yes and the property will show on Trade Me.
  • For other advertising: Any other site set up will pick up from the date available and the publish entry online as soon as you make them active. Advertising leaves Palace every 5 mins.
  • Advertising: You have 3 areas that you can load information for. First one is the Advert Text (Web) that goes up to the website, the Flyer and Brochure text just fill in various reports in Palace. You can cut and copy into all 3 if you want it to be the same.

Next you can enter images. click here for more information on images. Adding images for advertising

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