Setting a fixed maintenance fee or reduced fee against a property

You may from time to time need to set a dollar fee or smaller percentage than normal against a property for a particular invoice. For example: A renovation with a builder may go into the Thousands of dollars, so instead of charging your normal 8% you may charge a lesser fee or a set fee.

You can pre set this against the property to save you from having to remember each time.

  • Go to the Property, either click on the address or edit
  • Next to Maintenance commission click on Edit.
  • Click this and a screen with all your creditors will show
  • Select the creditor that you want and click select
  • Type in the new Maintenance percentage or Dollar value
  • Select either the $ or %
  • Click Save and keep doing that to any other creditors you need to and save out
  • It does pay to make an alert against the property to remind you to remove these settings if only temporary whilst work is being carried out against the property. 
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