Health and Safety - Recording information

There is a place on the property file to enter all the health and safety information with regards to Smoke Alarms and Insulation. 

This area is to be used to record the information needed by the RTA and Work Safe and displayed on the Tenancy Agreement.

To enter in the different types of smoke alarms, please go to Settings and List Defaults – drop down the arrow, select Smoke Alarms and click add to enter in new ones.

  • Click on Add to add in the smoke alarms
  • Fill in the information for last checked and who by
  • You can also attach the Alarm Statement here as well
  • Insulation: Select each located and choose from Yes, No, Unsure or exempt. 
  • Put in the type of insulation. i.e Pink Batts
  • Put in the condition, you can use the correct grading if you like or just put a comment
  • Remember to put when it was last checked and by whom.
  • You can click on Attachment if you want to add the Insulation statement.

All this area has mail merge fields to each section so that you can re create this information in your tenancy agreement.

To record any information about asbestos or Meth, please use custom fields for now. 

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