Upload images for a property for advertising

Images Tab (This will appear once you have saved the record)

Store the photos that you want to use for advertising here. Even if you do not upload photos to the web, it is good practice to load at least one photo so that users know what the property looks like.

These images are used for the web upload, flyers and available property reports.


These images link to the image merge fields for you to design your own flyers and window cards.

  • Open the folder where your images are stored
  • Drag and drop the photos that you want into the images tab
  • If you want to edit them, click on an existing image and you can edit the title

When the photos are dragged and dropped into the images tab the naming will be out of sequence. Click the sort by title button and all the photos will be aligned in number/letter order.


Note: If you want a particular photo to be the main one, name the photo with an A or a number 1 in front of it, so that websites know it is the main photo.
If you are using numbers or letters, keep them all the same. Do not mix between numbers and letters as this could rearrange the order.
The first image in the list of photos will be used as the cover photo.

What's next

Watch the advertising webinar and then you can learn more about setting up the Publish area of the property for advertising.

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