Reversing a supplier invoice

These Instructions are just for Supplier Invoices that have NOT yet been paid to the supplier.

You need to have the transaction number of the invoice in order to reverse it, best place to get this is the Supplier Transaction Report - click here for instructions How to read Supplier Transaction Report on how to produce the report and read the transaction number you want.

The report will also tell you whether the invoice you want to reverse has already been paid or not.

  • Click on Financial - Transactions
  • Click on History
  • Enter in the transaction number at the top of the screen into both fields: Id From and Id To then click Refresh
  • The transaction will now show on the screen, click Edit (drop down) and choose "reverse transaction"
  • A warning will pop up advising that the transaction is about to be reversed, click Yes to reverse the transaction
  • If the original transaction was dated this month, then you can now tick both transactions and on top of the screen you will see a button saying HIDE. Select this. This will hide the transaction from the Owners statement and it will show on the screen as hidden
    NOTE: We strongly suggest you do not hide transactions until you have finished the whole process.


If the invoice was simply entered against the wrong property and you need to enter it again do so.

  • Then staying in Transactions, find payment supplier (left hand side)  Click on generate - Enter in the name of the supplier.
  • Showing on the screen, will be the unpaid invoices for the Supplier. Make sure the only ones that are selected are the ones with regards to this invoice - You should have a positive and a negative - it should come to zero at the bottom of the screen, click OK , then click Process
  • This transaction can now be reconciled.

NOTE: If the invoice you are reversing has NOT been paid within Palace yet, you will get asked the below question. This simply does the above steps automatically for you. If you click YES, the system will pay the two invoices (positive and negative) and hide the transactions for you all in one go.

If you select NO to the pop-up, then you will need to follow the steps mentioned above to manually pay and hide the invoice reversal.


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