Work Order Reporting

At any one time you can have many work orders outstanding. In order to keep on top of them and follow them up, there is a report that should be run at least once a fortnight.

Work Order Report

  • Go to Property, Property Reports - Left hand side menu
  • Click on Property - Work Orders
  • Select the dates you want to run the report between. If you are looking for open work orders move the Date From back a few months (or even years) to catch any old ones still in the system
  • The report runs on the Action type(s) chosen so make your selection – holding down the Cntrl key highlight each option that you want shown on the report.
  • You can sort by property manager, group (if used) or by an individual supplier.
  • If you turn comments to Yes the report will include the description of each work order
  • You can also sort by date
  • Click Generate



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